Mission Startup Something

We apologize for the relative silence on our blog lately.  As you will soon discover, we’ve been occupied by top secret activities.  I can’t tell you how exhausting it has been, sweeping for bugs and hidden cameras every time I walk into a new room, entering a 16-digit prime number PINs to make phone calls, and being careful not to accidentally bite down on my cyanide capsule molar during dinner.  But after long last, the statute of limitations for this highly confidential project has passed and I can now share the exciting news with the world.

Because of our expertise in interactive storytelling and themed experiences, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh asked us to sponsor an annual event celebrating their first year of an exciting program called STARTup SOMETHING.  For the past twelve months the program has connected teenagers and their mentors with entrepreneurs and their startup companies in an effort to promote career readiness and important life skills.  Where do we come in, you ask?  Dream Flight Adventures transformed their year-end celebration event into an interactive game-based competition.

Kracken vs ManticoreDonning a secret agent theme, we created an experience that pitted two elite secret agent groups (Team Manticore and Team Kracken) against each other in a cutthroat competition to develop the best global intelligence network.

It had cinematic cutscenes, cover identities, secret missions, code words—the works—and it all led up to a dramatic final showdown.  Fun was had by all, and we were delighted to give back to the local community by sponsoring such an exciting event.



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