Mission Highlight: Insurrection

InsurrectionHere’s a question for you:  How can one teach about renewable energy sources and the American Revolution at the same time?  How can one illustrate the rights and responsibilities of citizens while simultaneously teaching about chemical catalysts?  What about bacteria and trade dependency?

The answer, my friend, is Insurrection.

Insurrection, the second Dream Flight Adventures™ mission, carries on our unique tradition of blending STEM concepts, history, and crucial social issues in a way that students never forget.

Insurrection drops students into the middle of a conflict between a large empire and its unsatisfied colonists.  Tensions are high, loyalties are fierce, and at any moment the entire scenario could break out into war.  The students must apply their understanding of science, history, and human nature to navigate this web of egos and agendas.  And, as always, the clock is ticking, so they must use their whole brains and every ounce of creativity they can muster to accomplish their mission.

Learn more about Insurrection and our other missions.

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