Maiden Voyage of the IKS Titan

The crowd rushed forward as the hangar door began to open.  Everyone stretched forward, eager to catch a glimpse of the crew as they majestically strode toward their awaiting ship.  All the off-duty policemen, firemen, and private security guards in the county were summoned in to help maintain the throng.  They stood valiantly against the tide of cadets, civilians, and representatives of the press who had gathered for the historic event.  Much to our dismay, photography was not permitted on the launch site premises.


After long last, construction of the ship—the IKS Titan—was complete, and not a moment too soon.  Earlier that day the Infinity Knights had received an urgent request from the Priests of Delphi.  Their world is on the brink of civil war, so a response crew was immediately assembled.

The crew—17 bright young men and women in all—had trained long and hard for this day.  The air was electric with their anticipation.  In their excitement some of them even forgot how to buckle their hazmat harnesses and fumbled with them up until the final moments before boarding.

They boarded the ship, and then in a powerful fantastic moment it happened… the thing that countless hours over long days and sleepless nights had been leading up to:  the IKS Titan lifted off the ground, was enveloped in fiery bands of plasma, and then vanished through its portal to the untold adventure that awaited it.

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