The Launch of the IKS Dreamcatcher


The excitement just doesn’t stop!  Hot on the heels of the launch of the IKS Buccaneer, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the IKS Dreamcatcher in Penn Hills Elementary.

DSC_1036 Guests gathered in the school’s large cafeteria where they were greeted by an entourage of flight directors wearing stunning flight suits—I’m sooooo jealous!  They even have the school’s emblem, Dream Flight logo, and words “Flight Commander” embroidered onto the suit.  They looked incredible!

Upon arriving, each guest was given a name tag with a crew assignment—four crews in total—for their upcoming mission.

The event kicked off with some nice remarks from the district’s forward-thinking administrators, followed by a somewhat fumbled delivery of a speech by Admiral Zenobia and myself.

Then, our attention became focused on the big screen as our mission briefing began to play.  Earth was in danger, and one by one the crews were called upstairs to board the IKS Dreamcatcher on a short mission in its defense.


While waiting for their turn, each guest had the wonderful opportunity to chat with some of Penn Hills Elementary’s brightest young minds as they discussed their favorite missions and crew stations.  They were buzzing with enthusiasm for the simulator and the adventures they had had inside.  They described the gripping dangers they faced and how they used their wits to come out victorious.

They also told me about their ideas for new missions and adventures—which was one of the most exciting and satisfying parts of the night.  I simply love seeing how Dream Flight Adventures is inspiring a new generation of dreamers, thinkers, and doers!

Then, the alarm rang and it was our time to board the Dreamcatcher.


Notice the swarm of student-made dreamcatchers that fill the briefing room.  I was surprised to learn that the students had been making these for years and the launch of the IKS Dreamcatcher was just a happy coincidence.  Also, I loved the mission posters framed and mounted on the wall—it gave a very classy look to the briefing room.


The inbound crew passes through the mystic curtain…


And enters the Dreamcatcher’s bridge where they received some final guidance from Admiral Conundrum.DSC_1066

It was a magical night, and one of the crowning moments was when a student told me “Thanks for inventing this.  It’s awesome!”

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