I’m on the Naughty List

I have a confession to make:  I’ve been naughty.  I’ve been excitedly following Mike Penn’s bold adventures in the Antarctic, but I haven’t been as diligent in relaying them here on our blog.

That said, I’m sure this doesn’t affect any of you, because you’ve undoubtedly been following Mike’s journals yourself.  If not, you’re even more on the Naughty List than I am.

But for those who want to share Mike’s adventures with their friends and family over this holiday season, here are some of the major highlights:

  1. Mike departed Pennsylvania on Nov 23, leaving the IKS Titan in the capable hands of Admiral Perseverous, a.k.a. Heather Oros.
  2. Mike traveled into the future on his way to New Zealand.  He’s been one day ahead of us for quite some time now (until very recently, when he attained full-fledged Time Lord status).
  3. He received his Extreme Cold Weather gear, as is the kiwi fashion these days.
  4. Mike took an Ice Flight onboard a Boeing C-17 military transport plane…
    and then rode in Ivan the Terra Bus!
  5. Mike’s amazing boondoggle skills

    attracted the attention of some scientists working on the Automatic Precipitation System,

    who kidnapped him and carried him away for forced labor on the Ross Ice Shelf.
    I’m pretty sure at least half of that is correct, but I can’t say which half.
  6. Mike escaped, found his way back to McMurdo Station, and hid among the really exciting vehicles.
  7. He teamed up with an impressive gang of scientists to study seals…pressure ridges
    and extreme Antarctic weather.
  8. Details on this are admittedly sketchy, but it seems that while waiting for a flight Mike and his colleagues engaged in open war against New Zealand.
  9. Duty called, and Mike set to work repairing and upgrading a network of Automatic Weather Stations,
    hoisting them high above the frozen maw of the ice plains, which gradually try to engulf them.
  10. Antarctica’s weather didn’t take too kindly to being automatically monitored, so it retaliated by thwarting Mike’s plans to travel south for the winter for over a week.  But eventually, warmer heads prevailed and Mike flew south until he couldn’t any more.
  11. It was there, at the southern-most tip of the globe, that Mike Penn walked around the world and bent time and space to his frostbitten will.

    “I stepped from TODAY into YESTERDAY (that is where you are…just so you know). Then I stepped from yesterday BACK INTO TOMORROW!” – Mike Penn, Time Lord

The South Pole is absolutely fascinating, and I strongly recommend that you read Mike’s full journals about it.  They’re doing some really exciting science there, and I can’t wait to tell you all about the top-secret government research that [TRANSMISSION TERMINATED]


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