IKS Horizon Sighted

Hello troops,

Way back in April we leaked a few photos of the IKS Horizon, one of our newest simulators, which had been under construction in a top secret hangar.  Only highly trained operatives with top-tier security clearance were allowed to enter the premises, and even then they had to undergo thorough memory wipes after viewing the classified material.



But fear not—the secrecy has now ended and the IKS Horizon has been seen flying in our skies in broad daylight!

It doesn’t take long to realize that there’s something different about the Horizon.  It’s unlike any simulator we’ve ever built—it’s mobile!  The IKS Horizon is built inside a retrofitted school bus!


The IKS Horizon was built for the brand new Explore! Children’s Museum of Washington DC and was designed in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution.  Dubbed the “Explore! Mission Mobile,” the IKS Horizon serves schools, camps, and youth groups throughout the greater DC area.


Here we see the Explore! Mission Mobile parked on the National Mall.


Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to check out the IKS Horizon the next time you’re in Washington DC!

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