IKS Highlander Completes Epic Five-Day Mission

This just in—the IKS Highlander has just returned from an epic five-day mission.

Under the direction of Admiral Huckelberry, also known as mild-mannered Michael Kaleta, the lucky 6th grade Health Students at Harrison Middle School have bravely battled ferocious diseases and saved two civilizations when it looked like all hope was lost.

On Day 1, the crew was briefed on their mission and introduced to the many crew roles available on the Highlander.  The students then completed job applications in which they used persuasive writing skills to apply for the crew positions they were most interested in.

On Day 2, the crew met in the Mission Ops lab adjacent to the simulator where they received a sealed envelope from the Infinity Knights headquarters containing their crew manifest.  They then began the rigorous process of training on their stations.

On Days 3-5 the crews flew the Pandemic mission inside the simulator and completed a variety of hands-on activities in the Mission Ops STEAM Classroom.

While working in Mission Ops the Carnegie Science Center supported the curriculum with their Anatomy Adventure Science on the Road exhibits. These hands on activities directly connected the content covered in Health Class to the content learned in the Pandemic mission.

While participating in the Pandemic mission, Health students embarked on a journey to save a sick delegate and restore peace between two nations. They had to locate viruses in the sick delegates body systems and stop them from spreading.

Congratulations to the bright students at Harrison Middle School—and to Mr. Kaleta for building such a fantastic experience for them!

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