IKS Buccaneer Construction Update

Ahoy maties!  ‘Tis time to spin a yarn and tell ye the tale of the IKS Buccaneer.  She’s a beauty of a ship, you see… or at least she will be.  Today, well, she’s a bit covered in sawdust… but very pretty sawdust, mind you!  Only the best sawdust will do fer such a majestic ship, set to sail the seven seas and the infinite expanse of imagination.


It began as most tales do, when transforming a dream into something real—something you can see and touch.  You dream, you draw, but eventually it comes time to clear out the clutter and start putting hammer to nail.  Here we see the metal floor track, specifically designed to catch the Buccaneer when it returns to Stewart Elementary after exploring the universe.


Then up go the wall frames, and out goes the sink—no time for doing dishes when there’s a universe to protect!


Here’s the tiered platform going in—allowing the crew to work collaboratively as they face untold dangers and overcome unimaginable challenges.

It’s always fun seeing how the project comes together and takes shape in the real world.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the IKS Buccaneer gets ready for launch!

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