Dream Flight T-Shirts

Hello everyone, we’re absolutely thrilled by the fantastic experience the students at the Shaler Area Elementary School have had with the recently-launched IKS Titan.  These students witnessed the entire construction process each day as they went to lunch, watching how the simulator grew from lines of blue tape on the floor of an empty classroom to a fully immersive out-of-this-world environment.  In fact, many of them played an active role in beta testing the simulations and station controls before the big launch.

Now, as summer break rapidly approaches, we’d like to let these students and families embody the memory with some brand new Dream Flight Adventures t-shirts.  Check them out on our new online store!



Right now we’re just using Cafepress for the store, but in the future we’d like to offer more variety at better prices.  We’re also working with the Shaler Area school and parent groups to see how the proceeds of these sales can be applied toward their programs as a fundraiser.  More details along these lines will be posted as they become available, but in the meantime please feel free to use the current online store or suggest new Dream Flight Adventure items that you’d like to see available.


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