Chicken Chase


Chicken Chase is a cooperative two-player iPad game that uses voice, touch, and motion controls.

It was created by Gary and Sarah Gardiner and their three sons—Little Gary (age 7), Peter (age 4), and Daniel (age 2)—in the 2014 Global Game Jam.

Chicken Chase won the Google Award for Technical Achievement at the Pittsburgh game jam site.  Oh yeah, and it’s about saving chickens in volcanos, rain forests, and deserts… how cool is that!



Available on the App Store

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We blogged about our progress over the weekend of the Game Jam:

It’s awesome because:

  • Players play by tapping, shaking, and calling to their chickens
  • It was created in 48 hours
  • The art and voices were created by our kids
  • It was the only game at the Pittsburgh game jam site created for mobile devices
  • It’s a cooperative game that requires teamwork
  • It’s played over a local network
  • It won the Google Award for Technical Achievement



The kids would love to hear what you think about their game.  Drop ’em a line: