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Today we’re pleased to unveil yet another exciting development from the Dream Flight labs.

Ever since we launched our first simulator, which seats 16 students at a time, we wanted to create a companion experience for the other half of a typical class of students.  We set the bar high:  the experience had to complement the curriculum of our simulator missions—that was the easy part—but it also had to maintain our magical blend of interactive story-telling and high stakes adventures—that was the hard part.  And as icing on the cake, we wanted the experience to have lower technical requirements so it could be as accessible as possible in a wide variety of classroom settings.

After many long months and repeated visits back to the drawing board, we’re pleased to launch Mission Ops as this awesome sister product to accompany our full immersion simulators.

In Mission Ops, students become Agents in an Infinity Knight’s Command Center where they apply their knowledge to guide operatives through challenging missions.  Mission Ops uses the same winning combination of story-driven high stakes collaborative learning but follows a different format that emphasizes hands-on projects in small teams and can be deployed in a wide variety of environments.  It was designed from the ground up to integrate into any existing or new STEAM learning environment.  When students embark on a Mission Ops adventure, they forget that they are students in a normal classroom and become absorbed in the epic challenge at hand.

Head on over to our Mission Ops page for more details.

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