After Just One Month

One Exciting MonthIt’s been just over one month since the exciting debut of the IKS Titan at the Shaler Area Elementary School, so let’s check out how the program has gone so far.

First, the launch event itself was very well received.  The students, teachers, and administrators all loved it.  The students in the school’s Gifted and Talented program all had the opportunity to present at the event—describing the simulator, its stations, and mission—and they did a fantastic job.  Everyone complimented their fine presentation skills!

The launch received a lot of great press coverage as well.  It was featured on two local TV News stations—plus by the district’s own high school news squad, the next generation of front line reporters.  Several regional newspapers ran stories about the program, and social media channels buzzed about it for days afterward.

But that was just the beginning.  In the days that followed things really started to get interesting.

Keep in mind, the Shaler Area Elementary School serves approximately 1,000 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  It’s a huge building bustling with activity and learning.  Since the project’s inception, the plan had always been to pilot the Dream Flight Adventures simulator with the school’s Gifted and Talented program for the first year, and then gradually roll it out to other classes over time.  However, the program came together so well and interest in it has been so strong that the school has shifted the simulator into high gear.  They’ve been running the simulator essentially around the clock, letting as many of their 1,000 students use the simulator as possible—this year, before summer break!

But that’s not all.  Because the program was initially positioned as something for the Gifted and Talented program, over 30 new students request gifted placement testing—that’s a 34% increase over the current gifted enrollment.  It’s so exciting to see the way this program has excited and inspired students throughout the school to strive for their best and push their own limits!

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

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