A Momentous Message

Something blinked on the corner of the desk.  Catching it in his peripheral vision Admiral Starblayze glanced at it briefly before looking back to his file, trying to maintain focus.  The blinking light persisted, begging for attention.  Admiral Starblayze’s gaze drifted back, and this time it lingered.  A new message was waiting for him, but this one was different.  Most of his messages were heralded by blinking blue icons, and every once in a while an important green one would appear.

This one was gold.  Special.

The admiral hesitated, holding his finger above the eager glowing light.  He knew what it was about—there was no question.  Only a message from Infinity Knights headquarters would be gold.  And that meant only one thing:  it would contain either unbelievably good news, or unbelievably bad.  Admiral Starblayze held his breath, closed his eyes, and tapped down.

The message took a few moments to play—a bit longer than usual.  In those fleeting moments that felt like forever the message performed a biometric analysis to confirm the admiral’s identity.  Satisfied, the message began to play.

Admiral, the Circle has decided to approve your request.  Begin your preparations immediately.  Additional orders to follow.  Congratulations.

So short, yet so momentous.  Those few words held the hopes and dreams of many sleepless nights.  Years of preparation had finally paid off.  The Infinity Knights had commissioned a new fleet, which by itself was not unusual, but this one was different.  This one was assigned to Earth.


Special thanks to Gregg Behr and the Grable Foundation for approving our grant request to create a Dream Flight Adventures simulator at the Shaler Area Elementary School.  This is a perfect beginning to many great things.

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