IKS Highlander (Baldwin-Whitehall, PA)


Location:  J E Harrison Middle School, Baldwin-Whitehall School District — 129 Windvale Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Flight Director:  Debbie Reynolds

Crew Complement:  17

Plan a Visit:  The IKS Highlander is located at J E Harrison Middle School.  It primarily flies missions for the district’s 6th-8th grade students, but welcomes visitors from other grades, districts, and groups from the community.

Launch Date:  March 23, 2015

History:  The IKS Highlander is made possible by the generous support of the Grable Foundation.

Recent Happenings at the IKS Highlander

Flight Director Spotlight: Debbie Reynolds

Today we’re delighted to give a well-deserved shout-out to Debbie Reynolds, the Flight Director of the IKS Highlander at J.E. Harrison Middle School. Also known as Admiral Northgate, Debbie is one of only a few dozen teachers across the country chosen for the

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December 2016 Community of Practice Meeting

The space between Christmas and New Years provides a rare reprieve from the standard whirlwind of life—which gives us a bit of time to write about our most recent Community of Practice meeting.  Earlier last week, moments before kicking off Winter

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Keystones Technology Innovators Summit

This past week, Pennsylvania held a state-wide summit for its top innovators in education:  the Keystones Technology Innovators Summit (KTI). The term STARS stands for: State Technology Advocates Redefining Schools. Keystones STARS are advocates and influencers within their school districts when

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