Vesuvius Script

Training Mode
Allow the crew to train on their stations for 5-10 minutes.

Call from Headquarters
Call as the Admiral.  End Training Mode.  Answer questions about the mission.
Slingshot the ship to the Krafft Island crafter.

Allow the crew to begin navigating down the volcanic shaft
The crew is looking for evidence to confirm or refute Doctor Tephra’s claim that the volcano is active.  Let the crew begin thinking about what they need to look for.

Call the crew as the Krafft Island government
Remind the crew about the consequences that hang in the balance of their conclusion:  great economic loss for the island if an unwarranted evacuation happens, and significant loss of life if an evacuation is needed but does not occur.  Time is of the essence.  Ask to be kept informed.

Call the crew as Dr. Ash Tephra
Approximately when the crew arrives in the Conduit, call as Doctor Tephra to insist that for their own safety the crew should leave the volcano immediately.  It is active and unsafe for anyone other than himself (or herself) to enter the volcano.  Also, explain that one of Doctor Tephra’s probes is still down there and is malfunctioning, which presents another threat to the crew’s safety.  Urge them to withdraw immediately.

Intersection in the Conduit
Halfway down the Conduit the crew will arrive at an intersection.  Speaking as the mechanic or computer, explain that the junction leads toward a sealed branch pipe under the ocean surface.  Encourage the crew to explore it.

Encounter with the Malfunctioning Probe
Create the Doctor Tepha’s Malfunctioning Probe, which is located near the midpoint of the branch pipe, for the crew to encounter.  By default the probe doesn’t contain any particularly vital information.  It merely provides a short action-packed diversion.

Discovery of the Sill
After dealing with the probe, the crew will find a sill blocking the branch pipe.  Explain that it was caused during a previous eruption and that the ocean lies beyond it.  This isn’t conclusive evidence about the volcano’s activity.  Urge the crew to continue their downward exploration of the volcano.

Hack the ship as Doctor Tephra
Doctor Tephra continues to interfere with the ship as they persist in their exploration.  Hack the ship and disable a few key systems, such as the shields.

Increase the drama and tension
As the crew dives deeper into the volcano, indicate that the ship’s systems are beginning to overheat.  Damage a few systems, create coolant issues, and inflict medical emergencies on a crew member or two.

Email the Crew asking for an update for the Krafft Island Government
Send an email to the crew from the Krafft Island Government inquiring about their status and the condition of the volcano.

Call as Doctor Tephra as the ship enters the Magma Chamber
When the crew enters the Magma Chamber, call them as Doctor Tephra and give them a forceful warning to leave immediately.  State that the magma may erupt at any time and that their ship will surely be destroyed.

Discovery of the Explosives
When the crew arrives at the bottom of the Magma Chamber they will discover a series of explosives lining the chamber floor.  Let the crew discuss what this implies, and when they accuse Doctor Tephra, call them.  If the crew tries to warn the Krafft Island Government, indicate that the signal is being jammed.

Doctor Tephra’s Monologue
Call the ship as Doctor Tephra, explain his devious scheme to protect his/her reputation by making sure the volcano erupts.  Blame the crew for interfering and causing the needless deaths of thousands—by interfering they leave Doctor Tephra with no choice:  he/she must detonate the explosives early, before people can evacuate, because his/her reputation will be destroyed if the crew exposes him/her.  Explain that there is nothing that the crew can do to save the island, and regrettably they must be destroyed in the volcano too.

Detonate the charges
This will trigger a sequence of explosions and then a giant wall of lava will begin surging up the volcano.  Immediately urge the crew to turn around and race away from the lava as fast as possible.

Quick thinking under pressure
While retreating, guide the crew in thinking about what they can do to save the island.  The ship alone is not equipped to stop the eruption.  Hopefully the crew will think of a solution (and if not, suggest it to them):  they can blast through the sill at the end of the branch pipe to flood the conduit and let it erupt into the sea.

Intense Escape Sequence
While the crew races toward the sill, narrate the events to maintain a high sense of drama.  If needed, create a variety of other problems (medical emergencies, heat-related system failures, etc.), but keep the ship moving so it doesn’t get engulfed by the lava.

Blasting through the sill
When the crew arrives at the sill, let them deploy Proximity Mines to blow open the side vent.  Try to time the action so the wall of lava is right behind the crew when the sill finally opens.

Emergency escape portal
Once the sill is blown, activate the emergency escape portal to bring the crew back to Headquarters.  Then, explain that their actions made the volcano erupt into the sea and seal itself off, saving the inhabitants of Krafft Island!