Vesuvius Cast of Characters

Doctor Ash Tephra

Dr. Ash Tephra is the world’s most renowned volcanologist and has built his reputation by being willing to take risks that other scientists won’t.  In particular, Dr. Tephra has his own special research methods known as “underground volcanology,” which involve going underground to measure volcanic activity.

Dr. Tephra has been outspoken against settlements on Krafft Island from the beginning.  He argued that not enough time had passed to determine how stable this volcano really was and that it was only a matter of time before the island would be engulfed in a truly formidable eruption.   Then, two years ago Dr. Tephra’s eruption predictions reached a new extreme.  He warned the government that a massive eruption would occur within the week!

Even though other vulcanologists didn’t agree with Dr. Tephra’s prediction, the governor of Krafft Island evacuated the island.  However, two full weeks passed and the supposed eruption never occurred.  Angry citizens returned to the island lodging multiple complaints against the government for economic loss.  Dr. Tephra was humiliated.  His reputation took a severe hit, but he remained adamant in predicting an eruption of spectacular proportions on Krafft Island.

Now that Dr. Tephra has become the laughing stock of volcanologists, he will stop at nothing to restore his reputation.

Krafft Island Governor

The Governor of Krafft Island is concerned about the well-being of Krafft Island.  This includes the safety of its citizens and tourists, as well as the economic success of its many resort businesses.  As a result, the Governor must take great care in determining whether a wide-scale evacuation of the island is warranted.  The Governor is sincere and extremely nervous.  The lives of thousands—not to mention the Governor’s own political career—hang in the balance.