Succession Script

Training Mode
Allow the crew to train on their stations for 5-10 minutes.

Call from Headquarters
Call as the Admiral.  End Training Mode.  Answer questions about the mission.
Slingshot the ship to the Rogue System.

Allow the crew to begin searching the Rogue System
The crew is looking for a trail of Uranium Isotopes.  Let them scan nearby asteroids and planets for clues.

Detect the House of Ares vessel
The House of Ares has dispatched a rescue vessel to find the Oracle and influence her decisions.
Move the House of Ares ship from place to place near the edge of sensor range.

Send the crew an encrypted message from the House of Ares vessel
Warn the crew that the rescue of the Oracle is a Megaran internal affair and that the help of the Infinity Knights is not needed.

Allow the crew to continue searching for the Oracle
Give the crew several minutes to explore and think about ways to locate the Oracle.

Detect Orion Pirates
Allow the crew to detect Orion Pirate vessels on their sensors.  Do not provoke and attack, but allow combat to occur if the crew acts first.  Damage the ship but allow the crew to win the fight.

Call the crew as the House of Ares
With increased hostility and impatience, assert that the Infinity Knights are neither needed nor welcome.
Explain that the House of Ares is seeking the same thing as the crew:  to maintain the status quo, protect the Oracle of Delphi, and ensure that she appoints a new King for Megara.

Detect the Plebian vessel
The Plebians have also dispatched a ship, but they want to capture the Oracle rather than rescue her.
They think the Oracle is a flawed, outdated, and superstitious way to choose a King.  They want to appoint a commoner named Janus—who is supported by 70% of the Megaran population—as the new King.

Call the crew as the Plebian vessel
Ask for the crew’s help and propose that they work together.  Explain the Plebian situation, including Janus’s widespread support, the outdated traditions of the Oracle, and the fact that only people from the five Noble Houses are ever appointed as Kings, suggesting that the system is a sham.
This presents a dilemma, as the crew’s orders warn them against the threat of the Plebians.

Pirates attack the House of Ares vessel
Begin a battle between the House of Ares vessel and an Orion Pirate ship near or beyond the edge of sensor range.  Damage the House of Ares ship but do not let it get destroyed.

Send a distress call as the House of Ares vessel
Contact the crew via mail, call, or both as the House of Ares vessel and request immediate assistance against the Orion Pirates.

The Plebians rejoice
Express the Plebians’ delight at the House of Ares’ misfortune.  If the crew is hesitant about saving the House of Ares, subtly encourage the ship (as the Plebian vessel) to ignore their higher ethical code and let the Pirates destroy the House of Ares ship.

The crew saves the House of Ares vessel from the Pirate attack
The crew should decide to “take the high road” and save the House of Ares vessel.
If the crew chooses not to save them even after repeated requests for help and subtle prompts from the Plebians, this warrants a failure scenario.  Cause the Pirates to attack the crew, damaging the ship to the point of triggering the emergency portal back to Infinity Knights headquarters.  Allow the crew to rethink the decision before turning back the clock and letting them try again.

Call the crew as the Plebians in outrage
Show shock, frustration, and anger at the crew for helping the House of Ares ship.  Refuse to help the crew.  At this point the relationship between the Plebians and the crew is clearly hostile.

Call the crew as the House of Ares ship and thank them for the rescue
Thank the crew for the rescue and propose cooperation.  Share information indicating that the Oracle is located on Rogue VII and offer to rescue her together.

The Crew and House of Ares ship travel to Rogue VII together
The House of Ares vessel leads the way to Rogue VII, avoiding pirates along the way.  The Plebians follow from a distance.

Betrayal of the House of Ares ship
Upon arriving in orbit around Rogue VII, call the crew as the House of Ares vessel.  State that their debt is now settled and that the first one to find the Oracle can rescue her.  Attack the crew and destroy the ship’s engines.  At this point the relationship between the House of Ares ship and the crew is clearly hostile.

Crash landing on Rogue VII
As the computer voice, narrate the events as the crew’s ship falls toward Rogue VII.  Activate the crash landing sequence.  The crew will end up in the Rogue Sea.

Search among wreckage
Wreckage from a crashed Megaran transport lies at the bottom of the sea.  Allow the crew to follow the trail of wreckage toward the Oracle.  The House of Ares and Plebian vessels search the area as well.

Call the crew as the Oracle
The Oracle of Delphi is a frightened young girl.  Plead with the crew to rescue her.  Ask about the others, allowing the crew to explain the motives and risks surrounding the House of Ares and the Plebians.  Tell the crew about the Oracle’s vision in which she was told that “knights from the stars would show a new way for her people,” which caused her to divert her course through the Rogue System and crash land in the sea.

Decide to take the Oracle to Headquarters instead of back to Megara
Through their conversations with the Oracle, the crew should decide that the only way to ensure the safety of the Oracle and deal with the political upheaval on Megara is to take the Oracle back to Infinity Knights Headquarters where they can help the Oracle find a “new way” for her people.  This sets the stage for a group discussion after the simulation and a continuation sequel to follow.

Sea Monster Attack
Attack the crew as the Sea Monster.  Allow its toxic attack to cause at least one medical emergency.  Make the Sea Monster withdraw into the darkness after a while.

Arrive at the Oracle and hack the forcefield entrapping her
The Oracle is trapped in a powerful forcefield trap of ancient origin.  The crew’s weapons are ineffective.  Hint as necessary until the crew tries to hack through the forcefield’s shields.

Climactic escape
As the crew begins hacking the forcefield, bring the House of Ares and Plebian ships as well as the Sea Monster into sensor range heading toward the Oracle.  The crew should disable the forcefield and use the ship’s emergency portal to bring her back to Infinity Knights headquarters moments before they arrive