Succession Cast of Characters

House of Ares Vessel

The House of Ares vessel, commanded by Captain Fah Caigo, is committed to finding the Oracle of Delphi and returning her to Megara where they can influence her to appoint one of their own as the new King.  The House of Ares is the most militant of Megara’s five Noble Houses.  Because Megara is not currently at war, it is unlikely that the Oracle would choose someone from the House of Ares to be King without intervention.
The House of Ares ship detests the Plebians and their popular champion Janus.  They view them as an extreme threat to the status quo, which has been maintained for thousands of years.  They have no quarrel with the Infinity Knights, but they do not respect their authority or involvement in the rescue of the Oracle, which they consider a purely internal affair.

Plebian Vessel

The Plebian vessel, commanded by Captain Bango Hoppan, seeks to apprehend the missing Oracle of Delphi before the Infinity Knights or any of Megara’s five Noble Houses can rescue her.  The Plebians are commoners, and for thousands of years the entire planet has been ruled by Kings selected from among the five Noble Houses.  While this may have sufficed long ago, times have changed and the common people of Megara now call for a reformed government in which they too have a voice.  While the current succession process does not specifically prohibit the Oracle from selecting a commoner as King, this has never occurred in Megara’s history and the Plebians are convinced that the whole political system is rigged.
This conflict has come to a poignant climax in recent months.  The former King’s death has coincided with the rising popularity of a commoner called Janus.  Janus comes from a common background but is articulate, passionate, and commands 70% of the popular vote.  If the people were given the choice, Janus would lead Megara by a landslide.

Oracle of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi is a sacred figure in Megaran tradition and is tasked with using divine revelation to appoint a new King for the planet.  Thousands of years ago Megara experimented with democracy, but the chaotic mix of competing opinions led to years of bitter war.  The Priests and Priestesses of Delphi restored peace by creating the tradition of Oracle-appointed succession that still exists today.
The current Oracle is a young girl who received a vision that “knights from the stars will show a new way for the Megaran people.”  Following this vision, she diverted her course through the Rogue System and crash landed in the Rogue Sea where she became trapped in an underwater forcefield snare.

Orion Pirates

The Orion Pirates range the cosmos in search of plunder, power, and profit.  They have a secret hideout and base in the Rogue System, where the random radiation interference makes secrecy easy.  Their ships and captains go by a wide variety of names, but the Orion Pirate are universally cruel, ruthless, and greedy.