Pandemic Cast of Characters


Amuzetnom is the head Aztlan delegate.  He was a strong champion for opening relations with the Iberians, believing that the fear and superstitions surrounding the Iberians were ridiculous and standing in the way of progress.  He was a very forward-thinking Aztlan, in this regard.  Unfortunately, Amuzetnom fell seriously ill with a mysterious disease on the second day of the negotiations, and this mission primarily takes place within his body as the crew tries to cure the disease and save Amuzetnom’s life.  Many Aztlans suspect that Amuzetnom’s mysterious illness is a form of Iberian biological warfare, and if Amuzetnom were to die the negotiations would almost certainly fail and the two worlds would lose all hope of opening relations.

Doctor Jenner

Doctor Jenner is an Aztlan physician who accompanied Amuzetnom and the other Aztlan delegates to the space station where the diplomatic talks took place.  When Amuzetnom fell ill Doctor Jenner immediately began treating him and running every test he could to discover the cause of the disease.  However, the disease proved to be unlike anything he had ever seen before, and as Amuzetnom’s condition was deteriorating rapidly it was decided to call upon the Infinity Knights for their help.
Doctor Jenner is the crew’s primary contact during this mission.  He receives the data retrieved from the crew’s Measurement Probes and uses it to track down the source of the disease—and hopefully a cure.
A scientist at heart, he resists the urge to suspect the Iberians of foul play until proper evidence can be found.  That said, he’s completely boggled by this disease, and as time goes on he becomes increasingly open to some of these less-than-objective explanations.


Corvis is the head Iberian delegate at the diplomatic talks.  Like Amuzetnom, he too is hopeful that positive relations can be formed between the two worlds, and he is rather progressive compared to most of his people.   Corvis has no ill will toward the Aztlans, but he certainly isn’t pleased by the speed at which the Atzlans have begun throwing out accusations of Iberian foul play and plots of biological warfare.  He also recognizes the possibility that this disease is actually an Aztlan ploy to start of a conflict and blame the Iberians.  At the end of the day, however, his optimism for positive relations with the Aztlans outweighs his suspicions… for now.
Corvis is concerned that perhaps the Aztlan doctors are too inept to cure the disease, so he welcomes the help of the Infinity Knights.