Lusitania Script

The ship is under repairs
Introduce the mission as a sudden emergency.  A shockwave is surging through the timeline toward the present day.  If the timeline isn’t restored before the shockwave reaches the present, history as we know it will be rewritten forever.
The only ship available right at the moment has partially damaged sensors, and there isn’t any time to complete the repairs.  The sensors will not be able to fully identify objects, so the crew must pay attention to clues in order to identify the sea monster.

Training Mode
Allow the crew to train on their stations for 5-10 minutes.

Call from Headquarters
Call as the Admiral.  End Training Mode.  Answer questions about the mission.

Go to the 1915 Atlantic Ocean
Use Headquarters’ portal system to slingshot the ship to the Atlantic Ocean in the year 1915.

Allow the crew to begin searching the ocean
The crew is looking for a sea monster before it can destroy the German U-boat.  Let them scan nearby objects in the ocean for clues.  The size, mass, and other characteristics of the objects will help identify them.  Give the crew at least 10 minutes to explore the ocean and investigate the marine life.

Move the Lusitania and U-boats into sensor range
The crew should be able to detect the Lusitania and at least one U-boat.  Other marine objects will be unidentified.   NOTE:  The Crew must not contact these ships—doing so would disrupt the timeline.

The sea monster (Captain Dakkar’s ship, the Leviathan) attacks a U-boat
Make the Leviathan attack the U-20 U-boat, giving the crew enough time to conclude it is a sea monster before it reaches the U-boat.  Allow the crew to attack the Leviathan, if desired, but not cause meaningful damage.  Have the Leviathan engulf the U-boat.

Surprise discovery
Allow the crew to discover that the sea monster is actually a futuristic mechanical vessel

Request Update from Headquarters
Send the crew a message from Headquarters asking for an update about the location and identity of the mysterious sea monster.

Mail the crew as Captain Dakkar
Send the introduction email from Captain Dakkar so the crew has a written version of Dakkar’s background.

Call the crew as Captain Dakkar
Introduce Captain Dakkar, commander of the Leviathan.  Explain his background, including his role as a military leader, the oppression and war that has plagued his people, and that he was traveling to a nearly hopeless final battle when he fell through the Time Fissure and arrived in the Atlantic Ocean.  Explain that he hopes to rebuild a pure civilization here on Earth, free from oppression.  Warn the crew that Earth is already populated by barbaric and oppressive people, including the submarines that have been attacking civilian vessels.  Recognize the crew is representatives from the Infinity Knights and ask for their help in ridding the Earth of oppression.

Allow the crew to explain their mission to Captain Dakkar
Captain Dakkar is shocked to learn that the Infinity Knights, the protectors of peace and justice throughout the universe, would try to defend a German U-boat that mercilessly destroys civilian vessels.  Give the crew a chance to explain their position, but continue to assert Dakkar’s disgust and dissatisfaction with the crew.  Dakkar considers the crew to be just as barbaric as the Germans and refuses to release the U-boat from the belly of his vessel.

Giant squid attack
Have a giant squid appear and attack the Leviathan while the crew debates with Dakkar.

Hack to release the U-boat
While the Leviathan is occupied fending off the giant squid, lead the crew to hack into the Leviathan and disabled its shields so the U-boat can escape.

Escort the U-boat
The U-boat escapes from the Leviathan, which is busy fighting the giant squid.  However, the Leviathan deploys several fighters to pursue the U-boat.  The crew must defend the U-boat from the fighters as it heads toward the Lusitania.

Call as Headquarters
Ask the crew if they have been able to locate and stop the sea monster.  When the crew explains about the Leviathan and Captain Dakkar, explain that Dakkar is important to the timeline of his own world and that it is imperative that the crew help Dakkar return home through the Time Fissure when it next opens again in the Bermuda Triangle in the next 13 minutes.

Sink the Lusitania
Make the U-20 sink the Lusitania.  Moments before the attack begins, however, bring the Leviathan back into sensor range in a vengeful pursuit of the crew and U-boat.  Captain Dakkar is furious that the crew hacked his defenses while he fought the giant squid and that they are protecting the U-boat.

Call the crew as the Leviathan
Express Captain Dakkar’s fury at the crew.  Swear vengeance.  Allow the crew to try to justify their actions again, but reject their reasoning.  Let the crew to attempt to persuade Dakkar to return to his timeline through the Time Fissure, but refuse because of the barbaric war that rages on the other side and the hopeless battle that awaits him there.

Chase along the ocean floor
Because Captain Dakkar refuses to return to his timeline willingly, the crew should decide to lead him toward the Bermuda Triangle where the Time Fissure will reopen by fleeing from his attacks in that direction.  Encourage the crew to dive deeper into the sea and into mid-ocean trenches where the Leviathan can’t catch them.

Pressure emergencies
Cause several ship systems—including life support—to break as a result of the extreme pressure at the bottom of the ocean.

Showdown at the Bermuda Triangle
When the crew arrives at the Bermuda Triangle engage them in a battle with the Leviathan.  Indicate that they only need to hold him at bay for a few minutes until the Time Fissure reopens.  Moments before the ship is destroyed by the Leviathan’s superior firepower, open the Time Fissure and pull the Leviathan into it.  Pull the ship toward the Time Fissure as well, and active the ship’s emergency portal to bring it back to Infinity Knights headquarters moments before it enters the Time Fissure.