Lusitania Cast of Characters

RMS Lusitania

The RMS Lusitania is a British passenger liner that was traveling from New York to Liverpool, England, with 1,959 people onboard.  On May 7, 1915, the German U-boat U-20 sank it off the coast of Ireland.  Only 761 people survived.  The Lusitania was unarmed and carried many Americans.  Its sinking outraged the United States and expedited its entrance into World War I.

German U-boat U-20

During World War I in 1915 Germany used its submarines (U-boats) to establish a naval blockade around Great Britain and Ireland.  One U-boat in particular—U-20—is famous for sinking the Lusitania, which expedited the United States’ entry into World War I.

Note:  In this mission the crew is tasked with ensuring that U-20 sinks the Lusitania in accordance with history.  As advanced visitors from the future, the crew must not make contact with or be detected by the Lusitania or U-20.  They must not stop the attack on the Lusitania or destroy it themselves.  Any of these actions will result in failure of the mission.

Captain Dakkar and the Leviathan

Captain Dakkar is the commander of the Leviathan, a futuristic military vessel from another world.  His world has been plagued by war and oppression for hundreds of years, and the Leviathan is one of the last remaining warships.  Captain Dakkar was heading to what appeared to be a hopeless battle when his ship was trapped in a Time Fissure and he was transported to the Atlantic Ocean in the year 1915.

At first he was sad to be taken from his home, but he was also relieved to escape what would have almost certainly been a fatal battle.  He is determined to build a new home for himself on Earth, but before long he intercepts radio transmissions from the German navy and realizes that not only is Earth already populated, it is being ravaged by the same kind of oppression that destroyed his own world.  Dakkar decides to take matters into his own hands and enforce his own personal brand of justice by destroying German U-boats.

Initially he is pleased to meet the crew from the Infinity Knights, thinking that they will support him in his quest to rid the Earth of oppression.  However, he becomes angry and violent when he discovers that the crew is trying to protect the U-boats to let them destroy a passenger ship.  He is unwilling to listen to the long-term reasoning behind this stance and quickly deems the crew as oppressive enemies themselves.

Unbeknownst to Dakkar, his presence at the seemingly hopeless battle in his world is a turning point in his own timeline.  As the mission unfolds, the crew will learn that it is just as important that Captain Dakkar return home through the Time Fissure as it is that they restore Earth’s timeline by letting U-20 sink the Lusitania.