Countdown Cast of Characters

Note:  The following characters are gender neutral.  “He” is used in the descriptions, but the characters can just as easily be female.

Alloyal Mothership

The Alloyals are a robotic race that moves from planet to planet consuming metallic minerals.  They devastate the worlds they invade, but they have no remorse.  In fact, they have no emotion at all.  They are driven purely by cold-hearted self interest.  They have no respect for living things, and they often wipe out all life forms from a planet before invading.  They act in unison as directed by their Mothership and don’t have individual names.

Sam Starr

Sam Starr is an astronomer at the Dominion Observatory in Ottawa, Canada.  He detected the Alloyal Scout when it entered Earth’s atmosphere and he’s excited about the attention he’s been getting as a result.  He’s normally quite lonely in his observatory and he likes chatting and making friends with strangers.  He’s a bit clingy.  He loves the great outdoors and he’s proud of North America’s freedom.

Li Xun

Li Xun (pronounced “Shewn”) is a Lieutenant General in China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force.  He is arrogant and does not like interacting with people who act like they know more than he does.  He’s ironic and speaks his mind.

Carmen Borges

Carmen Borges is a geologist for the Latin American Petrochemical and Chemical Association.  He is a conspiracy theorist who mixes fact with fantasy in his unique view of the world.  He’s doesn’t speak linearly and buys into paranormal explanations for events.

Quinn Tolstoy

Quinn Tolstoy is a physicist at CERN in Switzerland.  He’s dignified to the point of being snobbish and pretentious.  He speaks carefully and concretely.

Pat Paterson

Pat Paterson is an amateur stargazer and Ham Radio operator in Australia.  He is light-hearted and playful, even to the point of treating serious matters frivolously.


Chinua is a United Nations Specialist in Africa.  He is starkly simple and realistic.  He communicates very briefly.

Dr. Amundsen

Dr. Amundsen is a descendent of Roald Amundsen, who was the first explorer to reach the South Pole.  Dr. Amundsen is meticulous and seeks after glory.  He is eager to assist the crew against the Alloyals.