Contaminant Script

Training Mode
Allow the crew to train on their stations for 5-10 minutes.

Call from Headquarters
Call as the Admiral.  End Training Mode.  Answer questions about the mission.

Explain the constraints
As the Admiral, explain that upstream parts of the Upahara River are private property, owned and controlled by Vikasa Corporation, a large and powerful fertilizer company.  Vikasa Corporation is not allowing anyone to enter their private property, even despite the emergency conditions.  Having no alternative, the governor of Sudura City has called upon the Infinity Knights to investigate the source of the  Chandipura virus and the disappearance of the fish and to save their city before it’s too late.  The crew will shrink their ship and use its advanced stealth system to disguise itself as a fish to explore the river undetected.  To be convincing, the crew should not move faster than 20% of their max speed in the river.

Shrink the ship
Load the Shrink Effect scene briefly and speak as the computer to narrate that the ship is being shrunk to the size of a standard river fish.

Slingshot the ship to the Upahara River (Downstream)
Begin the mission.  This will take the crew to the Upahara River (Downstream) scene.

Call as the Governor of Sudura City
Give the crew a few moments to get their bearings.  Then, call them as the Governor of Sudura City and prompt them to begin taking scientific measurements of the water as well as its fish and insect populations.

Scan the water
As needed, direct the Deck Chief to use its sensors to analyze the fish, insects, and water.

Send the first sensor report
After the crew has explored the downstream area of the river, send the first Scan Results message.  This message is pre-written and available in the Handy Tools.  It indicates that key measurements are largely normal in this part of the river.  Help the crew analyze this report and conclude that the source of the problem must be further upstream.

Sabotage the shields
Unbeknownst to the crew, a saboteur from Vikasa Corporation has sneaked onboard and is attempting to stop them.  Completely damage the shields.  Offer no explanation, but encourage the crew to investigate.

Navigate upstream
Guide the crew further upstream until they enter the Upahara River (Midstream) scene.

Scan the river again
As before, guide the crew in collecting data on this area’s fish, insects, and water quality.

Sabotage the engines
Create another saboteur attack by completely damaging the engines.  Speak as the mechanic to affirm that the ship did not crash into anything.  Suggest foul play and encourage the Security Guards to investigate.  Also, take this opportunity to remind the crew not to keep their speed below 20% to avoid detection.

Send the second sensor report
Use the Handy Tools to send the second sensor report.  This indicates that stonefly, mayfly, and fish populations are all declining in this part of the river.  Also, sandfly populations and algae biovolumes are rising.   Dissolved oxygen levels have dropped.  Conversely, the water’s pH has become increasingly acidic and the levels of nitrates in the water have risen.

Analyze these findings as a crew
Guide the crew in discussing the results of their scans.  As the Computer, point out that stoneflies, mayflies, and fish do not survive well in polluted waters.  Conversely, the Sandflies are hardy enough to survive in these conditions, and without the presence of competing insects and predator fish their populations have surged.  Also, the nitrates in the water have contributed to algae biovolume growth.

Status report to Sudura City’s governor
Call the crew as the governor of Sudura City and ask for a status report.  Allow the crew to summarize their findings and create a hypothesis to explain them.  Then, encourage the crew to continue their search upstream, but remind them that the upstream region is Vikasa Corporation’s private property and that stealth is of the utmost importance.

Sabotage the sensors
Create another saboteur attack by completely damaging the sensors.  Speaking as the Computer or Mechanic, confirm that it is indeed the result of sabotage.  Allow the Security Guards to locate the saboteur and escort him to the brig.

Navigate upstream
Guide the crew further upstream until they enter the Upahara River (Upstream) scene.  As the computer, warn the crew that they are entering private property and must remain in stealth mode.

Vikasa Corporation warning
Send the crew a warning message from the Vikasa Corporation.  This is pre-written and available in the Handy Tools.  It states that their presence is known and instructs them to leave their private property.

Scan the river
Guide the crew in collecting data on the area’s fish, insects, and water quality.

Send the third sensor report
Use the Handy Tools to send the third sensor report.  This indicates that only Sandflies are detected.  All other fish and insects have died off.  The water is extremely unsuitable for life.

Vikasa Corporation Hack
Thanks to its saboteur, Vikasa Corporation knows that the crew is nearby, but its stealth system prevents them from locating them.  Hack the ship from a Vikasa Corporation patrol ship.

Discover the tributary and fish survivors
Guide the crew to investigate the point where the tributary joins the river, where they will discover a group of fish survivors huddled near the clean water of the tributary.  Help the crew understand why the water is purer and why the fish have gathered there.

New assignment:  escort the fish to their breeding grounds
Call the crew as the governor of Sudura City and ask for a report.  When the crew mentions the discovery of the fish, urgently instruct them to escort these fish to their spawning ground upstream so they can lay eggs and repopulate the river to provide food for the following year.

Speaking as the Mechanic, point out that the fish can’t survive in these toxic waters without protection.  Explain that you can extend the ship’s shields to create a protective bubble around the fish, but in order to do this the crew must turn off their stealth system, which will allow Vikasa Corporation’s patrol ships to detect them.  Guide the crew as they weigh the risks and choose to escort the fish without their stealth.

Fish in tow
Once the crew disables its stealth system and raises its shields, make the fish survivors follow the ship.

Vikasa Corporation attacks
At the same time, attack the ship with the Vikasa Corporation’s patrol ships.  As the Mechanic, encourage the crew to keep moving forward as fast as possible.  Insist that there isn’t time to stop and confront the patrol ships—doing so may kill the remaining fish.

Discovery of the toxic waste
As the crew races further upstream they will pass by the Vikasa Corporation’s dumping grounds where they will see toxic waste in the river.  Make sure the crew understands that Vikasa Corporation acted illegally.

Discussion with the Vikasa Corporation
Call the crew as a representative of the Vikasa Corporation.  Demand that they leave and assert innocence of any wrongdoing.  Allow the crew to accuse the Vikasa Corporation of polluting the river.  Rationalize this through the economics of business:  proper waste disposal is expensive, and customers aren’t willing to pay more for their fertilizer.  Demand the crew’s surrender and then increase the attacks against the ship.

Final Showdown
Once the crew passes the toxic dumping grounds the water will be clean again.  Allow the crew to release the fish and engage the patrol ships in an epic battle.  Have all the patrol ships converge on the crew, severely damaging most of the ship in the battle.

Once the crew defeats the attacking patrol ships, call the crew as the governor of Sudura City.  Allow the crew to explain what they discovered about Vikasa Corporation and the toxic waste.  Thank the crew for their heroic deeds, and promise to bring Vikasa Corporation to justice and clean the river to restore its fragile ecosystem.

Triumphant exit
Recall the ship to headquarters.  Speaking as the Infinity Knight’s Admiral, congratulate the crew on successfully completing their mission.