Contaminant Cast of Characters

Note:  The following characters are gender neutral.  Gender specific pronouns are used in the descriptions, but the characters can just as easily be the opposite gender.

Governor Janzen

Sudura City is a new and growing city in the middle of Vana, a large forested region.  It is quite isolated, with the nearest neighboring city over 1,000 kilometers away.  However, Sudura City has recently begun to grow rapidly because Vikasa Corporation has opened a fertilizer factory along the shore of Upahara River, which resulted in hundreds of new workers moving into the region.  Governor Janzen cares deeply for her city and its environment, but she also acknowledges the city’s reliance on Vikasa Corporation, which gives it a disproportionate amount of political power.  But, Governor Janzen is not afraid of taking things into her own hands, which is why she has tasked the Infinity Knights with secretly discovering the cause of the Chandipura viral plague that is sweeping her city.

Vikasa Corporation representative

During the mission the crew will confront a representative from Vikasa Corporation.  He is assertive, aggressive, and amoral.  He values business practicalities and profit over the environmental impact of his company’s actions.  It’s not that he wants to harm the environment—he merely doesn’t feel it a crime to harm it when there is profit to be made.  He considers the true criminals to be the consumers who demand low prices and turn a blind eye to how products are made.  Even so, he cannot afford to let his company’s dark secret be known, so he is not afraid to use force against the Infinity Knight crew.