The Nazi Run

The Nazi Run is a search and rescue mission designed as part of a language arts enrichment activity at Shaler Area Elementary.

You begin in space far, far away from Earth. First, you have to fly to Earth trying to avoid The Hitler Army Space Station that sends out jets to shoot you down. Once you get to Earth, there will be 10 sites that Jews are held hostage at. But, only 6 of them have Jew hostages. But, as you look for the hostages you have a chance of running into some enemy jets, tanks, and most of all, the alien ships, who shoot you down with missiles. If you want to avoid that you must go in stealth mode. Some sites have soldiers that will shoot and try to bring you down unless you have stealth or turn into one of their own airplanes using duplication mode.

But, whatever you do, make sure you do NOT shoot the hostages. Once you get the hostages on board, and shoot down the site. If you complete search and rescue mission, the hostages have to go to a safe zone that you have to go to, after that you must go out to space to retrieve coordinates from HQ giving you the location of Adolf Hitler.

Once you get to Hitler wherever he is () there will be multiple enemy alien ships waiting for you to come and shoot you down by that time you must have stealth mode on, because their alien sensors detect any unidentified alien ships. They will destroy you if you reveal your location, unless a miracle happens. If you manage to sneak past them and enter the ice castle (as showed in the picture) then you will see Hitler. He will call you and you have to answer, once you answer he will turn your stealth mode off and shut your ship down completely! Then, the hackers have to hack into his space suit and turn the ship back on. If the hacker doesn’t do that you will get destroyed and die.

Did I forget to mention that he’s an alien too and can throw fireballs made out of plasma energy that comes from the generators to the right and left of him. So, as you can see if you want to damage him you want to destroy those and then shoot at him. By the way I also forgot to mention that the alien ships have spotted you the whole time but Hitler ordered them to stay in orbit of the moon. So, it really doesn’t matter if you go in stealth or not just make other people think it’s glitched until you fight Hitler then they will help Hitler try to destroy you! Also, if you want space to move go back outside and fight he’ll follow. 

But there’s one twist Hitler is in space, on Earth’s moon!

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