Resistance is mission designed as part of a language arts enrichment activity at Shaler Area Elementary.

“The Fight for Freedom”

The Resistance is a dream flight adventure mission based on the Holocaust. It was designed by Emily R., Kiera H., Jacob C., and Ian W. The Holocaust was a time where Adolf Hitler believed that Jews were not part of a supposed perfect race. He wanted to kill them off. Hitler took charge and made an army of German soldiers called the Nazis. The Nazis took orders from Hitler to take down Jewish people and any of the buildings, artifacts, etc. that are related to the Jewish religion. There were definitely people who knew this was wrong. They created a Resistance. In our mission, we are helping part of the Resistance get across the sea from Denmark to Sweden in order to save the Jews.

Mission Overview 

You are part of the Resistance and need to save the Jews. There are Nazi bases across the sea to Sweden. On the IKS Titan you need to hack into the bases and blow them up. Be warned, when the Nazi bases see you the will fire. Shield and stealth mode may be required to complete this mission. Hitler is mad that Jewish people are escaping and ordered Nazis to fire at any ship that is crossing the ocean. Your ship needs to make it to Sweden and save the Jewish people. You are only making one trip with 10 Jews hidden in your ship. When you start the mission you will begin at the docking area and the German soldiers will inspect the boat. You can make it through without the inspection by turning on the invisibility mode. There will be some unstable areas in the ocean where there are some unknown Nazi bases. Not including those, there are around 13 Nazi bases in the mission. You need to scan the area for any unknown Nazi bases or obstacles such as narrow landforms, hazy shorelines, and the unstable zones. Others from the Resistance will be spying on the Nazi bases already. They will alert you of any dangers they find. You will find help by, Peter Neilson, Arnold Peperika, and Annie Solvage. If you will find calls coming in from Nazis such as Ferdie, Garrison, and Zelig, do not answer unless you are given orders from your captain to do so. The fate of the Jews rests in your hands. Good luck.


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