Mission Ops

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Mission Ops is a companion product that accompanies our full immersion simulators and transforms traditional learning environments into interactive STEAM Labs.  Students become Agents in an Infinity Knight’s Command Center where they apply their knowledge to guide operatives through challenging missions.

Mission Ops uses the same winning combination of story-driven high stakes collaborative learning but follows a different format that emphasizes hands-on projects in small teams and can be deployed in a wide variety of environments.



Hands-on Projects

Mission Ops emphasizes physical, hands-on, kinesthetic learning. Our missions task students with setting up models, running experiments, and getting their hands dirty. Our enabling technology takes a back seat to power project-based learning.




High Stakes Adventures

Classes of up to 30+ students divide into small teams and work together to solve problems to support Infinity Knight operatives on missions to preserve peace and justice throughout the universe.  Everything depends on the students!




Flexible Deployment

Mission Ops delivers a high-impact learning experience with maximum flexibility.  A Mission Ops Command Center can be set up in any classroom or lab—you just need a projector or TV and a handful of iPads.  We take care of the rest.


A STEAM Lab, on Steroids

Mission Ops was designed from the ground up to integrate into any existing or new STEAM learning environment.  It augments traditional learning labs by adding a layer of interactivity and story-driven learning.  When students embark on a Mission Ops adventure, they forget that they are students in a normal classroom and become absorbed in the epic challenge at hand.

Whether you have an old lab filled with dusty microscopes, a messy room cluttered with art supplies, or anything in between… Mission Ops can transform your space into an energetic learning environment.  Contact us to get the conversation started.