Critter Combat


Critter Combat is a multiplayer party game featuring
cuddly critters in a crazy capture-the-flag competition

Phew, try saying that three times fast!

Available on the App Store

For 2 or more players. It’s a party game, after all!

Battle against your friends with four cute critters—each
with unique powers—across five fun cartoony battlegrounds!

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1) Grab some friends… up to 8 players at a time!
2) Make sure you’re all on the same wifi network. It’s LAN party time!
3) Pick one of the four unique critters. They’re all very different, so try ’em all!
4) Divide into teams, then race to capture the Tiki and return it to your base.
5) Fight! No holds barred. Hilarity will ensue.
6) Rinse. Repeat. (But not literally… please don’t rinse your iPad… that would be sad)

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s Critter Combat time!