Larry Sutton

Flight Director of the IKS Niagara at Frazier Elementary School

Alias: Commodore Monroe G. W’esen (Vesen)

Larry Sutton is a native of Pennsylvania, but has spent much of his early years traveling his terrestrial home  — Earth!  Then in 1998, following different careers in the terrestrial and celestial planes, Larry began teaching in the Frazier School District.  His career started in kindergarten with exciting new changes as the authentic Kindergarten Cop.  Then, with a jump into third grade, Larry has sought to create the ideal Science experience.  He continued to build upon his classroom activities, until third grade became departmentalized and the floodgates opened.  Now with NASA, Rocketry, Trout in the Classroom, Life Cycles of Decomposers, Hydroponics closets and a slew of plant and animal life, students are granted an exciting experience of Scientific exploration.

With this in mind, Larry is excited to be chosen as an IKS Flight Director.  He is ready to start coordinating flights for his students and connecting their missions into the classroom activities that span the core of third grade.  “To boldly go, where no third grader has gone before!”

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