Our simulators are immersive interactive environments that throw players into the middle of epic stories.  Players become active participants, not passive observers.  They must learn how to operate the technology controls, and then they must apply that knowledge in pursuit of their mission.

By virtue of the simulator’s unique design, each mission—regardless of content—teaches over forty 21st century skills.  On top of this, each mission is packed with a variety of content unique to that adventure.

Infinity Knights

Our crews become part of the Infinity Knights, an elite force dedicated to protecting peace and justice throughout the universe.  They are sent on challenging missions that demand them to use their left- and right-brains—plus every ounce of creativity they have—to achieve success.


Each player has individual responsibility for his or her station, which contains several important tasks.  Then, players must work as a team to accomplish their mission.

Our simulators support groups of 4-16 players at a time.


The Captain is responsible for making all command decisions and ensuring that the mission is completed successfully.  The Captain also serves as the official representative of the Infinity Knights.

First Officer

The First Officer is responsible for ensuring that the captain’s orders are carried out.  The First Officer will assume command in the event that the Captain is disabled.

Second Officer

The Second Officer is responsible for ensuring that the captain’s orders are carried out.  The Second Officer will assume command in the event that the Captain and First Officer are disabled.


The Pilot and Navigator are responsible for navigating the ship.  This involves understanding the current location, charting a course to the destination, and steering the ship.


The Biologist is responsible for mutating and controlling the onboard Chimera, a genetically modifiable creature that can be adapted to the needs of the mission.


The Physicist is responsible for operating the ship’s Versabeam, an energy beam with several different abilities.  The physicist is also in charge of strategically allocating the ship’s power supply.

Engineer (2x)

The Engineers are responsible for making sure that all ship systems function properly.  This involves repairing damaged systems and creating ammunition for the ship’s weapons and Versabeam.


The Hacker is responsible for hacking into enemy computers.  The Hacker is also in charge of strategically allocating the ship’s computer capacity.


The Tactical Officer is responsible for using the ship’s weapon systems to protect the crew from threats.  The Tactical Officer is also in charge of transforming the ship into different forms, depending on the needs of the mission.

Security Chief

The Security Chief is responsible for ship wide safety and security.  This involves controlling the ship’s shield, stealth, and cybersecurity systems.

Security Guard (2x)

The Security Guards are responsible for maintaining order and safety within the ship.  They defend the ship from invaders, investigate shipboard disturbances, and respond to security alerts.


The Doctor is responsible for the well-being of the crew.  This involves everything from maintaining crew morale to performing emergency medical operations.


The Communications Officer is responsible for incoming and outgoing communications, both written and verbal.  This also includes decrypting encoded messages.

Deck Chief

The Deck Chief is responsible for monitoring internal and external sensors and performing detailed scans of the objects the ship encounters.

Get Your Own Simulator

Dream Flight Adventures™ is magical, but it’s built with everyday stuff like iPads, computers, lights, and wood.  If you’d like to add a transformative interactive learning experience to your organization, please contact us today.  We’d be delighted to meet with you to explore the possibility.  We’re expanding, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the home of the next Dream Flight Adventures™ simulator!