DFA 2.0 Pre-Release Testing

Beta Testing

DFA 2.0 is under development.  As part of this process we periodically release test versions of the new software so Flight Directors can experiment with it and provide feedback.

Latest Version:  DFA 2.0 b11.3.  This is our latest official Beta test release.  Please see the Release Notes below.
Release Date:  4 Jan 2019

Release Notes

  • Surgeon Station added
    • The Surgeon uses both a traditional control console (e.g. iPad or Computer) and a small handheld mobile device (e.g. iPod Touch or iPad mini) called a Surgiscope to treat patients.
    • To use the Surgeon, select the Surgeon button from the Station Selection screen.  This will reveal buttons for both the Surgeon (for the traditional control console) and Surgiscope (for the handheld mobile device).
  • Pilot “station” added
    • This is not a traditional station console; there are no onscreen controls.  This “station” is meant to help simulators whose Pilot flight yoke / joystick cannot easily be plugged directly into the Viewscreen computer.  Instead, the Pilot flight yoke / joystick can be plugged into a computer running the Pilot “station,” and the Pilot’s input will be sent to the ship’s helm over the network.
    • Because of its unique nature, the Pilot “station” appears as unavailable in the Station Selection screen.  To use the Pilot “station,” tap and hold on the Pilot button for 5 seconds, after which the Pilot “station” will be enabled.
  • New Spawnable characters:
    • Blood clots
    • Arterial plaque
    • Floating space wreckage
    • Razorfang
  • Mission improvements:
    • Malignant is now available as a built-in mission.
    • Contaminant now has a more epic combat sequence in the final scene.
    • A blank Solar System template for custom missions is now available.  You’ll find it in the Script drop-down menu of the Flight Director controls.
  • Flight Director improvements:
    • Saving / Loading missions now includes crew responses to Control Center Questions, system health, and shipboard materials.
  • Spaceships will attempt to remain in the Viewscreen’s view during combat
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Previous release notes:
    • Flight Director enhancements, including:
      • An empty mission template is now available, to aid with custom mission creation
      • Special Procedures can automatically trigger Cue Cards upon completion
      • Similarly, Cue Cards can be triggered automatically when Characters are identified.
      • The timing and delivery of Control Center Questions to crew stations has been improved.
      • Characters will no longer enter combat when told to Hold Fire, even if they are attacked.
      • On Collide event can be triggered once or multiple times, based on spawn settings
    • Improved visibility underwater
    • Added ESC Leo and Warp Ring characters for Lakeview Academy


  1. Download the software (linked above) for your operating system (Mac, PC, or Linux).
  2. Unzip the package anywhere on the destination computers.  One computer functions as the Viewscreen.  Another functions as the Flight Director controls.
  3. Launch the software on the Viewscreen computer and click on the Viewscreen button.  This will load Training Mode.
    1. An access code in the format of XX-XX-XX-XX will be displayed at the top of the screen, slightly right of center.
    2. Refer to this video for a demonstration.
  4. Launch the software on the Flight Director computer and click on the Flight Director button.  Enter the access code displayed on the Viewscreen.  Use this to control various elements of the ship and mission.
    1. Refer to this video from a demonstration.
  5. Launch a third copy of the software (or use the mobile app) and click on the Crew Station button.  Enter the access code displayed on the Viewscreen.
  6. Select the desired Crew Station from the list.
    1. Repeat Steps 5 & 6 as desired if you want to test multiple stations at once.
    2. Important note:  Once a Crew Station has been selected on a device, the device will remember that choice and hide other Crew Station options when you reconnect later.  This is to make it smooth and easy to set up Crew Stations in the simulator.  However, in testing, if you want to test multiple Crew Stations on one device, when the Crew Selection button appears simply tap/click 5 times in the upper right corner of the screen.  This will reveal all the Crew Station options so you can choose a different one.
  7. The Viewscreen supports some basic keyboard controls to make testing easier:
    1. To fly around, hold down the + and – keys to accelerate and decelerate, respectively.  Use the Arrow Keys to steer.
  8. To quit, use the onscreen menus, or press Command-Q on Macs or Alt-F4 on Windows.

Known Issues

  • Mission content is incomplete; Vesuvius and Maelstrom will be added in a future release.


Please share any feedback, questions, or comments you have on our Discord serverforums, or directly to gary@dreamflightadventures.com.